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Don't Miss What's Happening at blu violet Roof Bar

Introducing Blu Violet's exciting new spring menu, where culinary artistry meets the vibrant spirit of the season! Curated with a delightful array of dishes that capture the essence of springtime freshness and innovation. Blu Violet's new spring menus feature a delightful array of fresh, seasonal dishes crafted to tantalize the taste buds. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and flavors of springtime produce, the menu showcases inventive combinations and bold flavors. Expect to find dishes such as vibrant salads bursting with crisp greens and juicy fruits, light and flavorful seafood options, and innovative takes on classic favorites infused with springtime ingredients. Whether you're craving a refreshing appetizer, a satisfying main course, or a decadent dessert, Blu Violet's spring menus promise a culinary experience that celebrates the best of the season.
Rum&B Brunch

R&B Brunch

Every Sunday from 10AM – 3PM, experience Brunch, featuring a LIVE DJ playing ‘90’s & 00’s nostalgic R&B songs. NEW BRUNCH MENU!!!
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Spring Cocktail Offerings

Get ready to welcome the vibrant flavors of spring with our exciting NEW cocktail menu at Blu Violet! Join us as we unveil a refreshing array of handcrafted cocktails inspired by the season's freshest ingredients.



  • Wed: 4pm-10pm
  • Thurs: 4pm-10pm 
  • Fri & Sat 4pm-11pm  
  • Sun: 10am - 3pm - Live DJ R&B Brunch/Drinks